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with our unique chrome spraying technology you can apply chrome coating to any object made of any material

It is a past when chrome was made by an expensive electro-plating process. Chrome spraying services is the only viable alternative to traditional chroming, and it has a couple of big advantages: it costs less, and it is also considerably better for the environment. We’re able to chrome almost anything made of metal, plastic, wood, carbon fibre, glass, ceramic, cardboard or fabric, always achieving the best possible standard of finish.Virtually any object or material your business needs chrome, we can do it to a fine and high quality standard. We are also able to chrome spray flexible materials that stretch. Our unique chrome spraying finishes are used in many industries. You can add very cool details to your project whether you are designing a lobby of a restaurant or hotel or just a free standing piece of furniture.


We have honed our chrome spraying service over the years, and the process is based on a unique layer coating system. By using a cold spraying process, we are able to gain a spectacular shine on any object, and the lack of heat also ensures that the object being chromed will not be damaged in any way. We are also able to add a top coat to the chrome in order to produce some stunning effects. We have developed around 30 unique colours of our chrome spraying coatings and if you have a project that requires some unique shades and colours, we are more than happy to help you with developing one for you. Just send us an inquiry and one of our team members will be happy to help.

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