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  • How much does it cost to collect or deliver?
    We have fixed price of £35 for London and Hertfordshire areas. For areas outside, it depends on the distance.
  • Can you collect large items?
    Yes, we have large "Luton" van as well as smaller vehicles.
  • Does the driver help to load or unload the items?
    Yes, our drivers are always happy to assist with loading or unloading your items as long as he doesn't need to leave his vehicle unattended.
  • Can I select specific date and time for collection or delivery?
    Usually yes, but subject to availability. In case if desired date/time will be booked, we will suggest another mutually convenient slot.
  • What if there will be no one at the premises at the time of collection/delivery?
    Our driver can collect a job or leave a finished item from/to a safe place of your choice. If this is not suitable for you, we can always reschedule your service.
  • Can we go through the job with the driver to make sure it is marked correctly?
    Yes, our drivers are skilled employees with wide knowledge of relevant aspects of the business, so they can perform required inspections.
  • What if I notice that the package is damaged on delivery?
    You would need to check the piece immediately if possible. In case if driver has already left, please take a picture of the broken package and send to us with other order details.
  • Will my order be appropriately protected and wrapped for transportation?
    Yes, we do wrap all our jobs to provide adequate protection. Usually it is double protection.
  • What can you spray?
    We can spray pretty much any hard and stable materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastics, MFC, MDF, etc.
  • Can you spray flexible materials?
    No we don’t spray anything that can stretch.
  • Can you spray a unit that was badly glued together and parts are moving?
    Yes we can, but our paint can’t hold two pieces of material together and the crack will eventually appear between moving parts.
  • Can you fix badly glued joinery?
    Yes we will do everything we can to fix the problem without sending it back to you, but sometimes it is just beyond repair.
  • Can you spray bad quality MDF?
    Yes we can, but would prefer higher quality MDF. If you are using cheap MDF, there is always a risk that we won’t be able to achieve highest quality on your job.
  • Can you close grains on the veneer or solid wood?
    Yes we can close the grains or keep them open. You need to decide on the finish before you send it to us within your inquiry as this may affect the final cost.
  • Can you spray on top of the existing finish?
    Yes we can as long as the existing finish is PU (Polyurethane) spray painted, but not hand painted with oil-based or water-based paint. Stripping off the existing finish may incur significant extra charges added to the job.
  • Can you spray outside your workshop?
    No we don’t offer this kind of service.
  • Can you spray old furniture?
    We do not offer this service.
  • Do I need to fill any holes or edges?
    You don't have to do it, but you would need to clearly mark next to each hole whether you need it filled or not. You don't need to mark any hinge holes.
  • Is there any extra charge for holes filling and job preparation?
    Usually, we don't charge our clients any extra for preparation, unless there is a lot of extra work involved. Any extra charges will be communicated and explained to you before we start any work.
  • Can I use a marker or a pen to mark up my job?
    No, you can’t use anything but a simple pencil. Any chemicals that exist in ink or marker can affect the item's finish.
  • Do I need to wrap the job into some sort of packaging before collection?
    This is not necessary but always welcomed.
  • How to indicate sides that don't need spraying?
    Just simply put a big cross with a pencil on the sides that do not require any spraying.
  • How to indicate sides that required primer only?
    Just simply put a large letter "P" on that side with a pencil.
  • Can I explain how to spray my furniture over the phone?
    No, we only accept emails for explanation, but the job still must be properly marked up, unless all sides and edges need spraying. Any unmarked panels will be sprayed on all sides.
  • Do you spray assembled furniture?
    Yes we do, but would prefer if you would send it flat packed. We will charge extra for any assembled joinery items between 30% and 50%, depending on the complexity.
  • What paints do you spray with?
    We spray PU paints also known as 2K Polyurethane paint, Polyester paints and lacquers, Acrylic lacquers, Water-based paints and lacquers.
  • Can I buy this kind of paint in a DIY shop?
    No, these paints are for professional use only and only sold business to business.
  • Can you spay different sheen levels?
    Yes, we can spray anything from 5% Matte to a mirror like gloss finish.
  • How do you do your high gloss polished finish?
    We use only high quality polyester primers and high quality top coats. Any gloss job gets hand polished after being sprayed.
  • How many coats of primer and top coat do you apply?
    For any matt or satin colours we apply 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of topcoat. For any gloss jobs we spray additional coats of topcoat in order to build up more paint for the polishing process.
  • Can you spray FR paint also known as Fire Retardant paint?
    Yes we do spray these kind of paints. It's a Euro Class 1 – certified product. The relevant paperwork will be provided on request.
  • What paint suppliers do you buy your paints from?
    We buy our Sayerlack paints from the leading UK company supplier called Movac group.
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