Why not have the job cut and sprayed by one supplier
Saves you the time and effort dealing with
multiple suppliers.

We provide an MDF cut to size service at LFS helping you with all your projects needs, LFS use a range of cutting-edge technology and machinery providing outstanding quality within a short time frame.

Cut to size MDF services now incorporates not only simple one-dimensional cuts. Advanced geometry, once a domain of the most talented of craftsmen, can now be cut accurately, iteratively and fast, bringing your bespoke projects to the next level. 
After the cut is complete, we can edge-band your components in either a matching edge band or a painatable alternative, which provides a flawless edge to your project. Our hot glue edge-banding is industrial grade and provides the highest durability not accessible to any DIY solutions.
Hardwood lipping is another service available at your disposal. Lippings can create an enhanced level of quality to a project or can add a level of functionality by allowing fixings to be added on to edges or just add a level of durability not present in most furniture boards.To further expand efficiency of your project, we can provide our multi-boring machine services, which allows us to perform complex drilling, such as edge holes.
Once cut and banded we can then add any machining to the edge of the boards.  Our MDF cutting machine works on the industry standard 32mm principles to make sure all machining is consistent and accurate.

To summarise, our expert MDF  cut to size services help us with any specialist cuts that you might require such as, finger pulls, grooves, hinge holes, shaker style doors, shelves as well as standard MDF sheet cutting. We work with a wide range of panels including MDF, MFC, real wood veneered boards, plywood sheets and other materials.